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Welcome to the True Tape Online Store

Why True Tape?

You don't have to be family to be treated right! We value you and your client by respecting your pocketbook and you and your clients' health!

Given our current business model, we can deliver high-quality products at a more affordable cost than our competition. We have reduced certain office staff positions, accept orders by phone, email, fax, and online, and have refined our in-house production processes to create a streamline and efficient operation. We know that you will appreciate having a business partner that values your success as much as our own! 98% of our domestic orders are shipped within 24-hours of their reception. We are always seeking to enhance our production time while cutting our lead times.

Our adhesives are skin-tested. We do NOT introduce chemicals to you that we, ourselves, do not want to work around! Have you been following what is happening in our industry with respect to phthalates and parabens? NONE of our adhesive products have either of these ingredients - we don't want YOUR health or the health of your client to be adversely effected by our products.

We appreciate your continued confidence in True Tape and our product line!

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