Elastibond Advanced Formula Bonding Adhesive TM (36 piece bag)

Elastibond has a unique combination of characteristics that bring together the best qualities of the most popular tapes in the industry, plus it offers a new and exciting addition: special effectiveness in hot and humid environments! Consolidate your purchases, reduce your costs, streamline your inventory size, eliminate unnecessary redundancy – all with Elastibond!

Elastibond eliminates the need to purchase tapes that just offer a “no shine” appearance. Why? Because Elastibond is processed in a way that eliminates shine. Feel confident putting Elastibond under the sheerest materials or thinnest hair systems.

Elastibond eliminates the need to purchase tapes that offer a very long-term hold.  Why? Because Elastibond is an advanced formula bonding adhesive with a greater capacity to perform where long-term holds are needed.

Elastibond eliminates the need to create special applications to address summer heat and those problematic humid environments.  Why? Because Elastibond is formulated to perform in environments that are hot and humid.

When you are operating a small business, it just makes sense to consider your shelf space, your wallet, the time you spend organizing, marketing, and investing in REDUNDANCY!  Reduce the stress and extra expense, streamline your operation and your time – you’re worth it!

Recommended Users:
Sports enthusiasts
Exercise-oriented people
People desiring a long-term hold
People with thinner hair systems
People with high outdoor activity interests

Hair Enhancement
Hair Extensions
Any place where an extended-wear need is required!

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Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Contour Shapes

AA, 1" A, A, 1" CC, CC, 1" LF, LF, 1" C, C, 1" Straight, 3/4" Straight, Lacefront Thinstick, Straight Thinstick, Double-tab Mini-C, Double-tab Mini Straight

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