SUPERTAPE Hair Extension Tabs

SUPERTAPE for Hair Extensions is designed for ease of use in both application and removal.  SUPERTAPE for Hair Extensions does not stretch so it is easy to handle.  When properly applied and treated with due care, SUPERTAPE for Hair Extensions should hold for weeks even when using longer and heavier hair extensions.  Each packet of SUPERTAPE Hair Extension Tabs has 8 sheets, 12 individual pieces her sheet for a total of 96! Each individual piece is 1/3″ from top to bottom and 1.5″ wide with a soft-curve corner shoulder on top.

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Keep these simple “rules” in mind to get the best hold from SUPERTAPE for your Hair Extensions:

Avoid touching the tape surface.
Apply ONCE.  Do not lift and reapply.  (Every subsequent re-application will weaken the bond)
Apply with PRESSURE.  The more pressure, the happier SUPERTAPE will be.
Avoid exposure to HEAT.  Over time, heat will weaken the specialized additives that makes SUPERTAPE hold so well.

So long as you keep these simply instructions in mind, you should receive an optimal hold using SUPERTAPE to affix your Hair Extensions.

Additional information

Weight .15 lbs
Dimensions 3 × .25 × 4 in

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