My Bond Soft Bond Acrylic Glue

My Bond is a clear, long-lasting acrylic soft bond adhesive that is formulated for the longest possible hold. Unlike other acrylic adhesives, My Bond does not have toluene, benzene, xylene, acetone, acetate, or other petrol-based chemicals.  Get maximal hold without the usual breakdown and mess!  Use one of our adhesive removers HERE to quickly and safely remove any residue.


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Name: My Bond Soft Bond
Comparable: Ultra-Hold
Chemistry: IPA-based solvent Acrylic Adhesive
Appearance: Clear, dries clear
Flammable: Yes, until dry.  (Requires Hazmat Classification III to ship by Air)
Performance: Multi-Week Wear Hold
Phthalates: No
Parabens: No


My Bond Adhesive MSDS: HERE

(A 50 piece product and label minimum order is required when Private Labeling! Thank you!)

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