Skin-Shield SPORT TM – Increase HOLD times!

Skin-Shield SPORT performs two important functions – it creates a barrier for the skin AND it creates the perfect base for tapes.  It’s a win-win for the client.  They get a bit of distance from direct contact with the adhesive AND the tape gets relief from the sweat and oil typical of the skin.  This means a longer, more secure hold time.  Skin-Shield SPORT goes on quickly and easily.  Simply dab-on and smooth into place where adhesive tape will be applied.  Skin-Shield SPORT is virtually odorless, dries clear and leaves a strong flexible film over the skin.  Cautions: This product is flammable so please do NOT ship by AIR unless the proper IATA licensing has been secured.




Who should use this product?
Active clients that exercise and sweat regularly
Clients who have the following conditions to battle with:
excessive sweat
excessive skin oils
Hot and humid climate
Anyone who wants to have a longer, more dependable hold from their double-sided tapes!

How do I remove this product?
Skin-Shield SPORT can be easily removed at the time of another fitting by using our C3H70.

WOULD YOU LIKE TO PRIVATE LABEL THIS PRODUCT?  IF SO, DOWNLOAD THE ARTWORK TEMPLATE  (A 50 piece product and label minimum order is required when Private Labeling! Thank you!)



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Additional information

Weight .08 lbs
Dimensions .75 × .75 × 3 in

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