SUPERTAPE for Hair Extensions: 3-yard rolls (double-sided)

SUPERTAPE for Hair Extensions is manufactured to allow for ease of use in both applying and removing Hair Extensions.  When properly applied and sufficiently cared for during use, SUPERTAPE for Hair Extensions should provide a long-lasting hold for weeks.

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Keep in mind the following “rules” when working with SUPERTAPE to affix your Hair Extensions.  SUPERTAPE now comes in a reusable Retail Package to keep the roll clean and free of dust and debris.  No more hassles with shredded shrink wrap!  

Avoid touching the tape surface.
Apply ONCE.  Do not lift and reapply.  (Every subsequent re-application will weaken the bond)
Apply with PRESSURE.  The more pressure, the happier SUPERTAPE will be.
Avoid exposure to HEAT.  Over time, heat will weaken the specialized additives that makes SUPERTAPE hold so well.

So long as you keep these simply instructions in mind, you should receive an optimal hold using SUPERTAPE to affix your Hair Extensions.

Additional information

Weight .05 lbs
Dimensions 1.75 × 1.75 × .5 in

1/4", 1/3" (.8CM), 3/8" (1CM), 1/2"