TESA Die-cut Contours (1,000 piece bags)

TESA (sometimes called “German Brown”) is a white cloth tape well known to Hair Enhancement .  It has an aggressive rubber-based, thick adhesive mass that is capable of providing a multi-week hold.  TESA is no clear, so do not use this adhesive tape with a see-through type base.  Like Red-e Tape and 3M 1522, TESA has a wide array of potential uses and can be helpful as Fashion Tape, for securing costumes or for stage dressing. TESA doesn’t breakdown like other long-term wear adhesives, but will soften with time.  Normally, people wear German Brown without developing skin sensitivity.


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Name: TESA (often referred to as “German Brown”)
Construction: Double-sided
Performance: Multi-Week Wear possible
Stretchy: No
Appearance: White with a mustard colored liner
Profile: Thick
Adhesive: Rubber
Uses: Back and sides for Hair Enhancement
Medical Device: No
Hypoallergenic: No
Availability:  Rolls and Die-Cut Contours

For a larger image of these contours, please use this link: HERE

Additional information

Weight 2.5 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 12 × 1 in
Contour Shape

AA, A, 1" CC, CC, 1" LF, LF, 1" C, C, 1" ST, 3/4" ST, Straight Thinstick, Lacefront Thinstick, 72 Count Mini Straight, 72 Count Mini-C