About Us

True Tape, LLC. was founded in 2000 in order to address a need for affordable skin-safe products for use in the Hair Enhancement Industry. Since our inception, we have moved four times, expanded our capabilities and increased our market reach. At this point, we sell into the Fashion Industry, Model and Hobby Industry, Medical Research Industry, Arts and Crafts Industry, provide surgical tape for lasik eye surgery procedures and have a global distribution. We are elated to be the principal manufacturers of such great double-sided adhesive tape products as: SUPERTAPE, Elastibond, Air-Flex Bonding strips and Mini-C Contours, Performance Plus and All-Base.  We offer a variety of quality adhesive residue removers like SAS and ancillary products including clear glues, positioning sprays, knot sealers and more!

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To Contact us:
(888) 503-4389
email: sales@truetape.com
Whatsapp: 2107846999

3125 Maple Lane
Canon City, Colorado 81212
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