Private Labeling Instructions and Artwork Templates

Artwork Specifications:

Trim size:  Please keep all critical art at least 1/8 inch away from trim line.

Bleeds: Include 1/8 inch bleeds, and keep all critical art at least 1/8 inch away from trim line.  IMPORTANT: Dark ink bleeds over lighter media require a dense ink coating which can saturate other elements of your design.  When using bleeds, off-set that potential by using heavier font styles and larger font sizes.  Make room in your artwork for FONTS and FONT SIZES.  If you font gets too small, it will be very difficult to print and read.  We recommend a font size no smaller than 7 pt.

Color: Use CMYK color profile.

Acceptable file types: PDF and .EPS  We prefer Adobe Illustrator PDF files. We also accept Adobe Photoshop and EPS files. We cannot accept doc, docx, xls, pub, jpg, tiff, png, or bmp files.

Requirements: Provide all fonts with file or convert fonts to outlines. Any placed raster images should be at least 300 dpi CMYK files. We also accept 300 dpi CMYK Photoshop files, but vector art will yield a superior print.

Working with SVG: Our templates are scalable vector graphics (SVG) files. Your art should be created with software that produces vector art, preferably Adobe Illustrator. Additional vector programs include: CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X7, Corel Paintshop Pro X7, Serif DrawPlus, and Microsoft Visio 2013. There are also free download apps that produce vector art: InkscapeGIMPKolourpaint.

Previewing SVG files: You can see what the template looks like by downloading the SVG template and opening it in any web browser (e.g. Explorer/Edge, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc). CAUTION: Your web browser WILL NOT display the template to scale. If you print the SVG from a browser, it will not be the right size. you must open the SVG file with software that produces vector art. Please see “Working with SVG files” (previous paragraph) for more information.

Minimum Order Requirements:

In order to secure your request for Private Labeling, we request a minimum order quantity of 50 pieces.  This make the process of taking your artwork to print and application
worth the time and effort for our order fulfillment staff.  We think this MOQ will make it possible for you to begin branding your products without requiring you to expend too
much to get started.  If you have questions, about any of the above information or our MOQ, please feel free to contact us via email or by phone.  Thank you.

ESSENTIALS: When you submit your artwork, please be sure to include all of the essential information needed to properly brand your artwork.  This includes Ingredients information, Directions, Cautions, Company contact information including shipping address and/or website. Don’t forget to include the volume information, e.g. 2 oz, 4 oz. 1.3 oz. somewhere in your artwork and barcode if applicable.  You cannot use True Tape’s Artwork Label and simply insert your company information in exchange for True Tape’s.  You and your company are unique, therefore, the name of the product and artwork must be unique!  If you have any questions about this information, please feel free to call or email.  Thank you!

RENUMERATION:  If you have placed an order but have forgotten to include the cost for make-ready, printing and adhering your label, (priced per label ) we will send to you a separate invoice once we have determined what media type you would like us to use.


1.3 OUNCE DABBER BOTTLE (Skin-Shield, Skin-Shield SPORT, Stop Shine): DOWNLOAD

CLEAR 4 OUNCE BOTTLE (SAS Remover, PURE Remover, PURE Citru-spice Remover, C3H70 Remover/Solvent): DOWNLOAD

CLEAR 2 OUNCE GLUE BOTTLE (Invisi-Bond Soft Bond Glue, My Bond Soft Bond Glue, ConSEAL Soft Bond Glue): DOWNLOAD




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Clear Label, Glossy White Label, Matte White Label, Silver Mirror Label