All-Base Tape Die-cut Contours (36 piece Bags)

All-Base Tape is a strong double-sided adhesive tape with a matte finish and slight stretch.  All-Base is formulated to provide a Multi-Week Wear.  Like most of our Multi-Week Wear Tapes, All-Base is best applied ONCE and not attached, removed and then reattached.  When removed, All-Base should leave very little residue making clean-up a breeze.  Cover your bases!

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Name: All Base
Construction: Double-sided
Stretchy: Slightly
Performance: Multi-Week Wear possible
Appearance: Clear with a matte finish and a white liner
Profile: Thin
Adhesive: Acrylic
Uses: Front, Back and sides for Hair Enhancement
Medical Device: No
Hypoallergenic: No
Availability:  Rolls and Die-Cut Contours

For a larger image of the contours available for All-Base Tape: HERE

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Contour Shape

AA, 1" A, A, 1" CC, CC, 1" LF, LF, 1" C, C, 1" Straight, 3/4" Straight, Lacefront Thinstick, Straight Thinstick, Double-tab Mini-C, Double-tab Mini Straight