ConSEAL Soft Bond Adhesive (Mutli-week Wear Glue)

For True Tape, ConSEAL represent a giant leap forward in our water-based glue technology.  ConSEAL is formulated for a Multi-week hold, the “seal” aspect of this glue, and will be virtually invisible when it dries.  With ConSEAL, True Tape now offers a formula capable of the longest hold available on the market.  Easily brushable, odorless and invisible once it dries, ConSEAL is definitely a must try for anyone currently using our competitor’s water-based products that are markedly more expensive.







You can now PRIVATE LABEL This product in the 2 ounce bottle!  Please use the Butterfly Link below to add your label type (50 piece minimum order)


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2 ounce, 4 ounce, 8 ounce, Gallon

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